As preparation for my job applications I looked back at my projects. And I figured, boy did I do cool stuff. So I want to share some of my projects in this page here.

Projects during High school:

  1. Robot arm - An advanced control for an existing robot arm

Projects during my studies at TUHH:

  1. 3D Hardware - Hardware accelerated 3D drawing on an FPGA

Projects during my studies at HAW Hamburg:

  1. Thinkbot - C’t bot for collecting drums on a line

  2. Plotting - A neat algorithm for drawing figures with a plotter

  3. Demo - Software to create demo scene like code

  4. PL-Editor - Software to generate state machine code

  5. Weaving - My bachelor thesis, an overview over weaving technologies in Java

Things I did at IBM:

  1. Extract Class - A refactoring that extracts fields into a new class

  2. IPO (Introduce Parameter Object Refactoring) - Takes parameters from a method and encapsulates them

  3. Some quick-fixes related to field accesses

Projects during my studies at KTH Stockholm:

  1. Emoticon Watch - A product concept to communicate emotions

  2. Pricerat - My contribution to the Android Developer Challenge. A local price search.

  3. Multitouch - Multi-tool support for multi-touch with RFID

  4. NFC - Pay your hotspot with a mobile phone

  5. Friend Sense - Sense bio signals and gather social information

  6. Welcome Stockholm Experience - My master thesis


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