Emoticon Watch


At KTH in Stockholm we had to come up with a emotion related product for the lecture “product realization” with a form factor that you could wear. So my idea was to create the emoticon watch. A watch that allows to communicate an emotion expressed as emoticon to another user. For compatibility sake this does not need to be another emoticon watch user, but all kind of front ends. Such as your face book profile, your webpage or just as SMS.

My part was to coordinate the software efforts and in particular the watch. So I created a small SWT prototype which allowed us to discuss usability and explore the solution space.

The architecture itself was based on XMPP as communication protocol. If you are more curious about the glory details read here or just look at the slides. The watch itself was supposed to be running on Android, which explains the choice of XMPP as protocol. However the XMPP support was pulled later on.